Quality Control

At ICONIC TALENT we adhere to a disciplined Quality Control (QC) Program customized to every contractual agreement we engage in. This includes strong oversight, close supervisory review, follow-up reviews on remediation efforts, and proactive performance monitoring to satisfy all existing or future requirements within high quality staffing services. Let us solve your toughest staffing challenges and turn them with creativity into your greatest opportunities, saving you on cost and increase your bottom line.

Our team practices comprehensive and effective quality control on each of our staffing contracts. Our experienced team can help your company or organization to establish an effective staffing program within reasonable time frame and on budget. Providing 100% compliance with contract performance requirements is always our main goal.

Let us take a look at your staffing deficiencies and with our state-of-the art task order management, and proven credentialing processes and activities we will enable you to promptly identify and document staffing needs, required staff performance, up to complete augmentation problem resolutions, to proactively preclude potential or real staffing performance issues.

Our ICONIC TALENT Quality Management System is built on principles of ISO 9001:2015, the international standard for quality management. Our top management demonstrates its leadership and commitment with respect to highest customer focus by ensuring that customer requirements and applicable statutory & regulatory requirements are determined, understood and consistently met, while all risks and opportunities that can affect conformity of services and the ability to enhance customer satisfaction are determined and addressed, and the focus on enhancing customer satisfaction is maintained.

Keeping its quality context in view, we determine risks and opportunities for each project, to give assurance that our Quality Control (QC) Program can achieve its intended result(s), enhance desirable effects, prevent, or reduce, undesired effects, and achieve improvement.

ICONIC TALENT as company has established quality objectives at relevant functions, levels and processes needed for the quality management system. These objectives change with our customer/client requirements. Our top management ensures that the quality objectives are consistent with our quality policy, are measurable,take into account applicable customer and client requirements, are relevant to conformity of services and to enhancement of our customer’s satisfaction, while well communicated, and updated as appropriate.

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