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If you want your company to stay on top or get to the next level, then you need to invest with the right people. As creative thought leaders and successful recruiters, we assist our clients in locating the best creative talent that the industry has to offer while maintaining absolute confidentiality.

What to Expect

Our recruitment services include a comprehensive screening process that all candidates must go through. We understand position changes, their salary history, what they’ve accomplished and most importantly, heir future goals and aspirations. At Iconic Talent we also ensure that each potential hire does their own due diligence and understands your brand and the potential role. Our candidates will always be equipped with a clear, concise CV and an updated portfolio. Additionally, we perform at least three professional references, and meet with prospective candidate in person to gauge their level of professionalism and personality, and to truly get a feel for who they are.

Need talent now?

Drawing Iconic Talents established personal connections and business relationships, our network of over 40,000 professionals is second to none. Our executive leadership will personally manage and execute every search; by working on a retained basis, you are assured that the appropriate resources are exclusively committed to your search. Although our Headquarters are based in NYC, our network spans the entire United States and abroad.